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What is MindSciencesAcademy

Mind Sciences is a vast ocean of knowledge that aims to improve the existing &/or nature given abilities of human beings. We at Mind Sciences Academy are determined to provide you the best techniques & tools specifically designed for every one of you. Moreover, we also help you to plan, create & edit your digital content including written & video content. 

Our Experts

Rate: $100 for 30 minutes

Burair Ali Hussain 
Dean/co-founder mindsciences Academy & Life Coach

Burair Ali Hussain is a Mind Sciences expert. He is a certified Meditation & Mindfulness trainer & Mind Science Coach. He aims to solve SDG-4 ("Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all") through Mind Sciences & Technology.

Rate: $300 for 60 minutes

Marco Robert
Business mindset Growth Coach

Business needs mindset more than a capital. Marco Robert has many feathers in his cap. Not only he can help you build your growth mindset but also he would ensure that your business gets "going concern". If you are looking for a successful business that will have positive a sustainability indicators, book a session with Marco and start your successful journey.

Rate: $90 for 30 minutes

Nedi Safa
Energy Healer

Health, love, wealth, and the time to enjoy them! Based on Chinese energetic medicine, Nedi has been healing people since 2003. If something is bothering your body or your mind, give Nedi a half-hour to see changes with surprising results. People use Nedi's energy balancing to help them with their goals, whether that's wealth, love, health, or the time to enjoy them. 

Rate: $150 for 60 Minutes

Dr. Jeff Burns
Relationship & Life Coaching

Dr. Jeff Burns is magnanimous in the field of coaching. There are several coaching feathers in his cap. Some of them are:
1) A certified Life and Relationship Coach.
2) A certified Leadership Coach with the John Maxwell Team.
3) A certified Success Principles Training coach with the Jack Canfield Group.
4) A popular and transforming coaching track called The Conscious Living Journey. Conscious Living is Jeff's most famous coaching program. Hundreds of people have testified that their lives were transformed through this coaching journey. You are just a click away from the revitalizing journey of success under his tutelage.

Rate: $60 for 30 minutes

Saman Aslam
Graphologist & Graphotherapist

Saman Aslam is currently Pakistan's First Female & Youngest Graphologist, Additionally, she is GCC's First Foreigner Graphologist & Graphotherapist as well. Aslam aims to introduce Graphology as a subject and career in Pakistan & Middle East.


"John Wooden'

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